Break out the Moose Tracks!

We’re live!!!

After months of preparation, development, photo shoots (yes, they were fun) and some well needed prayer & guitar breaks, we finally made it to this point. However, this is just a work in progress. Bookmark us and stay tuned. There is plenty more to come. For now, time to enjoy a bowl, break out the guitar and sing my praise.

Bad Grief!

Stay tuned for upcoming song!

You have been following "The Fool" on social media and have been showing love to the various parts of the song that I have previewed. Your appreciation will be rewarded soon as I am using this song to kick off the other side of grief, namely the effects of some of the poor decisions I made during my time of grieving over the loss of Joelle.

The album project for this side will be appropriately named "No Contact, No Exceptions, NO PROBLEM!"

Stay tuned for more details.